Theme + Evidence, Opinoin (2)

Novel Captain Nobody : Theme + Evidence, Opinoin (2)


Newton Newman helps Cecil to get a big bass drum from the top of a dumpster. Cecil calls Captain Nobody to help him get the drum because he cannot get it down by himself. At first, Newt panics to climb the dumpster when he sees how high it is. However, he fights his fear of heights and continues to the top to not disappoint his friend.

Newt overcomes his fear of heights when he rescues Reggie Ratner from a “suicide attempt”. Newt knows that he has to tell Reggie that it is not his fault. It is Chris’ own teammate, Darryl Peeps who knocks Chris unconscious. Since the Big Game, everybody has blamed Reggie for knocking Chris into a coma. Newt gathers his courage to climb although the ladder is rusty and the tower structure is weak. While climbing, his mask gets caught in a nail and rips off. At first he feels vulnerable especially when he looks down. But he gathers his courage and continue with his climb. He then finds out that Reggie climbs the tower to vandalise the water tank. They both end up falling from the tower into a mattress as they descend the rotten ladder. Newt suffers a broken ankle and two broken ribs when Reggie lands on top of him.


By overcoming his fear Newt becomes a hero. This admirable quality in him undoubtedly teaches all teenagers to overcome our fear. Newt is a good role model to all teenagers.

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